Yes, I went Monday and it was very windy, but I had fun and accomplished some things and saw some things. First of all I had the lake to myself. Second, I caught crappie!!!!! Caught a few small ones dock shooting, guess the big ones weren't there because it was so overcast they didn't need the shade. Caught some big ones out on the high line, it was rough out there. Also, I read a post the other day about a guy that saw a bass come up and get a water snake. Well, I was working a dock and kept seeing something that looked like a ball rolling around in the back of the dock. After a while I worked my way to the back and squeezed around the corner and it was a snake trying to swallow a small bass. I had never seen that before. I watched for a little while and he never did get it down, had him head first but he just couldn't swallow him. It was an interesting day.

Don Chumley
If I ain't fishing, I ain't happy.
But mostly I'm happy.
Mt. 6:33