Last week I went out with Pedro from Sushi Time fishing while in Cabo San Lucas. I have been out with many of the companies in Cabo over the years and this was one of the most enjoyable trips. Ended the day with a couple of tuna and too many sea bass to count.

I have been out on many of the larger boats over the years, but as of last year switched to super pangas and do not regret that decision at all. Most days you can fish the same areas as the larger boats, however it is a much more personable experience. Pedro was a great captain with deep knowledge of the area. I let him know what fish I wanted to target and he provided his feedback and suggestions based on what has been happening the few days prior. We started the day trolling for Tuna and Marlins, and finished with some bottom fishing for sea bass. Many of the captains don't let you do any of the work such as setting the hook, cutting bait, etc. however Pedro was fine with me doing whatever I was comfortable with. I enjoyed this as it not only allowed me to learn some of the locale techniques, but allowed us to keep lines in the water.

Once we got to the bottom fishing Pedro was able to fish along side me, and this was great fun. We had many double hookups and were able to stay on the fish working the boat together. I lost track of time while bottom fishing as the action was constant, until I received a text from my wife asking me where I was as she was waiting at the doc. This was a bit of a surprise as most boats ensure you back right on time, or even a little early. This was the first I had to ask to pull up the lines and head in.

Overall a good experience and I will request Pedro with Sushi Time Fishing next time I back in Cabo. I spend a few weeks a year down there, so look forward to the next time.

I booked the trip through Winner 7 online with Dave in advance. The communication was good from the start and I knew exactly what to expect the day of the of the trip.

Cons - Late start. I waited at the doc for 45 mins. past the scheduled leave time. Had I been given a heads up we were not going to leave near the scheduled time I would have slept in or grabbed some breakfast. While you know the doc number you have to ask around a bit to find the boat. The staff does not arrive until departure times, or a little later, and you need to keep asking random people until you locate Juan Carlos or the Sushi Time staff. A sign or something would have been helpful.
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