Finally! My favorite time of year is here! We've been catching fish very consistently and the big ones at Ray Roberts are everywhere! Been caching a lot of my fish on jogs but minnows are also
Working well as always! My working mans trips are in full swing and are going very well! They're $125 for 2 people and you fish from 430-5ish until dark. You just clean your own fish! My half and full days for
2 people are $250 and $300. It's a great time of year to come catch a bunch of fish!

Fork has been crazy good as always too! Monsters are being caught! One of the best lake in Texas. My rate there is $275 for two people and we fish from daylight until noonish. No working mans trips here.

All of the pics below are from Ray Roberts the last few days! Call or message me if you're ready!

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Lake Ray Roberts Crappie Guide
Lake Fork Crappie Guide