Bought 2 10ft blades and the brackets and they were shipped to my door on thursday. took a half day off work friday so i could get them on by the weekend.

took everything out of the box to assess what i would be getting myself into and to see if the $350 for install would be worth it. looks pretty simple so i decided to do it myself.

I always heard how tough the pumps are so i decided to start with those. i played around in the back of the boat for about 30 mins trying to find a place to put the two pumps when it hit me, if i turned the oil tank to run parallel with the direction of the boat instead or perpendicular than it would open up a slot big enough to put the two pumps in perfectly. so i did exactly that and it fit perfectly as planned. all in all i spent 30 mins on the pumps.

then i waited for my buddy to get off work to help me. he got to my house around 8:30pm and we sat down in the boat and drank a nice cold adult beverage. grabbed the spacers and lined up where i wanted the holes to go, then drilled away. got all 4 holes drilled, put all the brackets, supports, and spacers on the whole and tightened down the bolts.

Mounted the power pole (now 4 beers each into the process) and ran the tubes to the back of the boat. i decided to drill holes for the tubes as it seemed easier than trying to stuff them into the already full hole that was there for the motor hoses. ran the line through, cut to length, then connected to the pumps. flushed the lines and we were good to go.

All in all spent about 3.5 hours and a 12 pack of beer, but it got done and done well. it was fun doing and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Glad i saved the $350!! ill try to post a video of the poles in action later. decided to angle mine out just a bit to create a wider stance when they are deployed.
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