Here it is almost May and fishing is getting just right. We have birds working to show us the way on feeding Sand bass with a lot of small Hybrid Striper mixed in.
I'm using a chartreuse slab mainly to catch my fish but sometimes switching to a sassy shad when the action gets really hot.
One little side note when I realize I'm in a school of small Hybrids I just reel up and move on to the next spot.
You don't realize it at the time but you might be killing most of these fish by handling them and we sure don't want to do that.
The shad is spawning hard on the shore line’s so when the birds see this they begin to feed and a lots of times our fish are right in there working on the spawning shad and again a lots of time the fish haven't found the shad yet and it’s just working birds and no fish.
You should be able to see fish hitting the surface when they have actually found the spawning shad.
Just trying to save you a few cast and a few hang-ups in the shore line weeds.

Most the schooling activity I’ve run across has been in water depths of 10 to 20ft. of water.
I like all the main lake points this time of year, our fish are running up and down them trying to run down the shad so they can get their weight back on from the big spawn they just went through.

Cat fishing just couldn't get any better they are taking full advantage of the flooded lake and shad spawning.
It's a good time to catch either species Sand bass or Catfish, big Hybrids haven't showed up yet but maybe they will in the next couple of weeks.

Crappie bite is better people are catching them shallow now seems like a few pretty days does wonders for the fishing.

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