Got a chance to fish yesterday with a fellow TFFer. We started deep with craw worms and they would only bite the 3" one with a #2 hook, thrown on shaky heads. We mostly fished deep the fist half of the day, 16-33' deep with the shaky heads. Then moved shallow about noon and caught a bunch more fish out of the brush, still with shaky heads and T-rrigs. Total of 28 fish, but the biggest was only 2-4. LOTS o 1-14 to 2-0, though. Did catch one little dink on a custom topwater bait, after I saw him hitting the top of the water chasing shad There were over 30 boats in the parking lot for a Wednesday, so lot of people out looking for a big fish. Hope this helps. Tight lines, keep safe and good luck.

Thad Rans

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Tight lines, keep safe and good luck.

Thad Rains