Well I don't know how to post pictures from my phone but wanted to share my day in the boat with good friend Grumps from here and Lake Forks premier (in my opinion) Guide Eric Wright. We met Eric at Lake Fork Marina at 7:30 this morning with thoughts of the dreaded rain that was predicted. Well thank goodness that didn't happen. As a matter of fact the day was perfect. Disclaimer: I am by no means what I nor anyone I know would call a good fisherman. I first fished this lake 20 years ago. Never have I caught an over. Today when we met Eric I said I only ask 2 things of you. I want an over and if you can't do that I ask for bigger than my PB of 6.44 caught 2 years ago in El Salto. He said no promises but will do my best. At about 3:15 he not only put me on my first ever over with a 24 1/4 inch fat girl but raised the bar of my PB buy nearly 2 1/2 pounds with an 8.82 pound post spawn beauty. I will say he was a great teacher and a joy to be in the boat sharing stories and just plain chatting with. Put that with his ability to not only find fish but to help you learn to boat them as well. The summary of this is folks take from ol Hoss spending the day with Eric will rank very high on my list of memories. I suggest you give this young man a call when you want that Lake Fork trip of a lifetime. I am glad we did.
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