Actual Pics will be coming this weekend. there are some cad drawings here in the Crappie section :

Here are the TFF prices and they can change as quickly as the price of oil. These are White HDPE food grade cutting boards with hand holds and blood lines routed around them. If you want a trash hole there is no extra charge we will add it before shipping.

Most Pick-up tailgates are 18"-20" tall and 48"-60" wide.

If you are going to mount it permanently make sure you measure the available space you want to occupy with the tailgate closed.
The 20x48, 20x60 and 24x48 are the most popular I make. The sizes are nominal and will come in just a fraction of an inch smaller. If you custom order one, it will be exactly as you specify.

Stock sizes in 1/2" material:

20x48 $60
24x48 $70
20x60 $85

Custom cuts need to be quoted individually, but most will fall in this same general price range unless they are unusually shaped and do not fit on the sheets with other stock products.

Packaging if I need to ship will be $6.50 . That is my actual cost of a box that fits and bubble wrap.

Shipping cost will be determined by weight, size and location for each order, but I will pass it through at actual cost.

I will be adding some 5/16 holes on the perimeter to drop a pin or bolt through to keep the part from sliding around if you do not mount it. I am sure these will evolve further with input from users so do not hesitate to ask for improvement or new features.

I can take plastic, Paypal and always cash. but do not have it set up on my website yet. The easiest way to contact me directly for question or orders is through my website contact form at .

I try to check my PM's on here daily, and will respond as soon as I see it. The website contact form gets pushed straight to my phone.

We will be keeping the stock sizes in inventory and will usually ship the next day at latest. Custom cuts will usually go out with 2-3 days.
If I ship it anywhere in Texas I need to collect State Tax. Sorry

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