The weather maybe ok this evening but still uncertain regardless I will be at Lynn Creek Marina on Monday April 18th at 4:45 pm to get everyone signed up for the Joe Pool Monday Evening Tournament. Participants can start leaving marina at 5:40pm to go to their fishing spots. The first 200 members will receive a Strike King Gift Pack valued at $25 to offset the $25 annual membership. Thank you Strike King!
Lew’s Challenge flipping Contest at each event. Winner receives a $25 Lew’s voucher. Thank You Lew’s!
One Place per five paid with an additional place of Owner Hooks at each event. Thank You Owner!
Qualify for the King of the Evening Tournaments Championship that will have a 200% payout!
Victory Fishing Events
Evening Series
Monday Evening on Joe Pool Lake
Fishing Hours: 6pm till 9:30pm
Register at: Lynn Creek Marina
Register From: 4:45pm till 6pm
Team Entry: $70
Optional 8Lb. Super Bass: $10
Last week a survey was taken about the stringer and big fish weigh in calculation. As a result of the survey the following stringer and big fish weigh in will be done as stipulated below.
The five fish stringer will consist of Black Bass 14” and under. A Black Bass 21” or over will not be added to the stringer weight. If no Bass 21” or over is weighed in the largest 14” and under Bass will be awarded the Big fish prize.
The Big Fish and Super Bass will be separate from the stringer. If a Black Bass 21”’ or over is caught. This fish can be weighed separately for the Big Fish and or Super Bass prize.
Teams can bring Five fish 14” and smaller to the scales and a Bass 21” or over to the scales. If a person fishes solo and they catch a Black Bass 21” or over they can bring it to the scales weigh the Bass then release the fish and then go back out to complete their five fish stringer. I will remain at the weigh in site during the event to accomplish this weigh in.
The Super Bass must be 8lbs. or larger to qualify
More info at: