Hello Texas Anglers,
In this time, I am bringing a quick video to show how I gave a chance to continue using a very good lure. I restored a scratched DUO Rough Trail Blazin to give it a second life ... definitively it is difficult to get it back as the original manufacturer version (mainly because to replicate the hologram foil printing at home is very hard). Even though, after the restoration work I did I feel very happy with the results I got. I think you can do the same with your favorite lures that sometimes are relegated due their physical conditions.

Please give me your comments and recommendations, and I invite you to watch other videos in my channel.

Something else, in case someone has any suggestion or tips regarding using hologram foil, and where to buy those that are not like a sticker foil, I will appreciate. I bought some nail's hologram foil in Amazon, but they don't have the patterns I need.

Here is the link to the video:
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