Hey guys. I am reposting this here. I don't think im getting any hits on the other thread I posted in.

I have a Lowrance HDS8 as my main unit in the console that is equipped with sonic hub and structure scan. I am not sure what model my structure scan is but here is what it looks like.

That's the best picture I got of the unit. If my boat storage wasn't 40 miles away, I would have gotten a better pic. I also have a Lowrance LMS 520c that the seller gave me when I bought the boat. He had it bow mounted but the transducer got ripped off the trolling motor. I want to avoid mounting another transducer on the trolling motor if possible with this LMS unit.

My first question is, will the LMS work if I hook it up to the structure scan unit with the Ethernet cable since it as 2 extra Ethernet ports available? The HDS8 has one but the structure scan is hooked up to it.

Second question is, I know I can get GPS on the LMS if I hook up the network cable to the HDS8, but will the network cable power the LMS? Or will I need to run the power cable for it? The power cable that is currently on the boat does not work. This is what the back of my LMS looks like.

I am just trying to make sure I got everything I need to make this work before I make the trek to my boat storage this weekend. Thanks.

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