With the recreational Red Snapper fishing season as short as it is Rik Jacobsen's books will defiantly help you find and catch the endangered Red Snapper.

Rik Jacobsen's Texas Offshore Fishing Guide has over 800 GPS coordinates covering the entire Texas coast. It also has tips from Rik and others regarding your sounder, fishing techniques, bait presentation and much more.

Rik Jacobsen's Texas State Waters and a Bit Beyond book mainly focuses on fishing in Texas State waters.

Both books provide accurate GPS locations and we also provide a download service where we will download the numbers into your sounder. Please PM us or send us a message via our contact tab on our website for more information on downloads.

The books aren't just for fishing for Red Snapper. The GPS coordinates in the books provide the location of underwater structure that will hold a wide variety of fish.

Book orders have picked up since the announcement of our very short Red Snapper season. If you would like to order a book, please log onto any of the websites listed below or visit any Fishing Tackle Unlimited location.




Thank you and GOOD FISHING!!

Tom & Scott