Berkley Havoc lot

Looking to sell my havoc baits, all are new packs except for the pit bosses they might be missing 1 or 2, also the watermelon silver red flat dawg is missing 1. Asking $50 TYD that's $2.00 a pack save a $1. Paypal is preferred.

Flat Dawgs

Black small blue
Watermelon silver red
Green pumpkin candy
Green pumpkin
Dark watermelon black

Boss Dogs

Watermelon magic red-2
Motor oil red fleck
Green pumpkin 
Black blue fleck
Watermelon candy red

Juice worms 6"
Green pumpkin 
Black blue fleck
Watermelon red-2
June bug
Brown gold fleck
Red shad
Watermelon candy

Pit boss

Big Texan
Black blue

Phones charging so can't get a pic at the moment