One of my favorite pursuits in life is fishing for anything that swims in the ocean with a fly rod. Therefore I understand frustration and breaking things, namely equipment! I have 10 fly rods from 5wt to 12 wt and some last forever while some I find a way to break. One of my favorites is an orvis 8 wt which I recently broke. It's been in the back of my car for six months. A couple of weeks ago I went by the Orvis store on Preston road in Dallas. As I rushed in I wondered how I would be treated. (Yes I know they all have a lifetime warranty so regardless of brand sage Loomis or one of 25 bass rods manufacturers I own they will fix or repair). So... I walk in and a guy named James listens to my story and gives me nothing but support, understanding, asks when I need it and tells me with excitement that it will be taken care of and when it will arrive! There was no rolling if eyes, no disgust, no questions about what I was doing with it! Just pure high quality SERVICE WITH A SMILE! Wow! This store and particularly this attitude makes it easy to shop in a store vs. the is world of Internet instant purchasing. Just wanted everyone to know how well I was treated! Thank you James and thank you Orvis!