A heads-up that Lowrance HDS Gen2/Gen3 Touch units can have some problems with trails. The newest Gen2 & Gen3 software release introduced a couple of "bugs" with trails.

1st problem:
You have networked HDS Touch units and you import waypoints & trails. The first HDS unit you power up will become the master. Waypoints & trails will import correctly on the master. If you attempt to import to load the trails on another HDS unit, the trails will appear to not import. In reality they are transferred to the master unit during import.

Workaround is to only power up one unit at a time, then import. Or you can unplug Ethernet from the non-master HDS units.

2nd problem:
Trails imported to HDS Touch units with the newest release can be imported and appear. The trails will disappear after you power down/up or restart the unit. This happens when the HDS software is the newest and the trails were imported from an earlier software USRv4/v5 file.

Workaround is to import the waypoints & trails, export to another USRv4/v5 file, delete all/purge data, then re-import from the newly created USR file.

I have complex trails, but I believe simpler trails will also have these problems. I expect same for Lance Vick's Boatlanes and Tommy Martin's GpsLakeMaps.

This is a Lowrance HDS Touch software problem. Lowrance Support knows of these problems and Lowrance hopefully will fix them.

Edited by LittleGazoo (04/06/16 09:35 PM)