If any of you guys were out on the water this Sat you can relate to how rough it got on the water especially on Rayburn. I drove alot faster than I normally would have in that kind water trying to get to the weigh in for the BFL. To say the least it was rough and my boat took a beating and we ended up eight minutes late. I usually worry about my electronics when it gets like that, but ever since I started using Precision Sonars mounting brackets it has not been an issue. I was driving like a bat out of hell saturday and I knew i would have some stuff that needed to be tightened back up that evening from the rough ride, but when i got to the ramp that evening and checked my bracket it was just as solid as it was when i installed it. If you have not checked them out you definelty need to Precision Sonar especially all of you guys that fish big water like Toledo and Rayburn. These brackets are rock solid. Get with Randy Kuhens 270-703-6133 if you have any questions or want to place an order.

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