Hey guys. I'm typically able to figure things out on my own pretty well but when you start talking about converting file types and what not I try to defer to the experts. I have purchased the boatlanes download combo and loaded it on my micro SD card. My unit, an Elite 7HDI, will read and upload the .gpx files but it will not read the .usr files. When I attempt to upload them it says "warning the file type selected is not compatible with the current software version." When I look at Rayburn or Tbend I can see the trails and white and blue x's on my map. Am I missing something by not being able to upload the .usr files? I also have several trails and waypoints that a friend who frequents the lakes has kindly shared but they came off his HDS unit and are of the .usr file type. Is there a way I can convert them to .gpx so that my unit will recognize them? Oh, and yes I have recently updated my units software to the latest version available on the Lowrance website. Thanks for any info or help.