Was at BPS yesterday and a guy literally walked up to the front desk where I was waiting with an old Carbonlite in 2 pieces, w/o a receipt and the guy said, "go get you another one". When he came back, the rod he grabbed was $129.99, the CSR said he had $79.99 credit from the broken rod. Pretty quick/painless. The only thing I didnt understand was he MADE the customer purchase they Gear Guard which was $30. I have a couple $99 Carbonlites but just picked them up a few weeks ago when they had their Spring sale so dont know much about how they stand up.

I was there picking up some things I ordered, including a Veritas 7'11" Heavy rod and I can tell you that the $129.99 Carbonlite, same action/size but with micros, felt a LOT lighter and I almost "upgraded". After finding my favorite rod, No.8 Blackout with a micro guide broke off and the pain in the #$? it is becoming to find a replacement guide locally, I'm seriously thinking it would be much easier to buy inhouse brands if exchanging them is this easy.