All - Lone Star Jr Bassmasters has been blessed with growth in 2016. Many of our older members "graduate" on the High School level and fish the local HS trails. The younger membership is 7-14. Along with growth comes the inevitable situation where we have more anglers than we have boats for. We double up where we can, and we have volunteer boat captains that take two anglers out with them for our events. We run background checks on all of our non-parent/guardian captains.

Our next event is April 9 on Eagle Mountain. We are soliciting volunteer boat captains that have a passion to donate some time to offer some young anglers a chance to compete on the water, and be a mentor to them and share some knowledge.

If I have just described you, please contact me and let me know you are interested. Thank you so much, in advance, for our consideration.

Lone Star Jr Bassmasters