With all my 8 pounders you would think I should have caught more than one 9 lb. fish in Toledo Bend. I lost fish estimated over 9 lbs. and caught fish over 12 lbs. from other lakes. I guess it was just the luck of the draw. We discovered a spot on a mile long boat lane where a crappie fisherman was always fishing but never paid much attention to it. One day with no bites we decided to toss a jig into that spot. Within 30 minutes we had 5 bass between 7-9 pounds. Thus came the name “The Nine Pound Hole”! This became one of our stops along the 17 mile stretch. Over the years we probably caught 40 bass over 7 pounds. Big bass prefer crappie for their food, along with bream, crawfish and large shad. If you know any good crappie spots you might want to check it out for big bass.
“The Big Bass Holes”
In my book I created a map showing where we fished. I marked the original boat lanes and the holes with an X. Keep in mind all of these holes were found with a Lowrance flasher combined with countless hours of hunt and peck! I estimate more than a thousand bass 5-9 lbs. came from these X’s over the course of five years, caught by less than six fishermen who were all in our big bass group! Until now these holes have never been disclosed to the public. Some of my buddies have passed away, while others have moved on leaving these holes untouched for the past 36 years. Probably a lot of these holes now have no brush or little brush, but they all had one thing in common; they all were in deep water drops. I plan to revisit these holes in 2019 during the 50 year celebration honoring the opening of Toledo Bend by the Louisiana and Texas Sabine River Authorities.
If you're interested in learning where all my big bass holes are you can come to my book signing tomorrow at Pat Lobb's Toyota in Mckinney and get a signed copy or bring your map and I will mark the spots for you. If you can't make it click on this link and it will take you to my book. http://www.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/th...42-419e6412f908 Since my first post on Feb 26th I have had more 30,000 bass fisherman across from California to Georgia review and purchase my book. I have included my one day best stringer mount plus information on my book signing tomorrow.
I want to thank everyone here on TFF for your support and encouragement for this project. It has been a blessing to me and an opportunity for me to pay it forward to you.

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