The Lake Fork Anglers 7th tournament of 2016 will be Thursday Mar 31st out of Oak Ridge Marina.

Registration starts at 6:30 AM at Oak Ridge. The tournament starts at 7:30 AM and runs until 3:30 PM. You have until 4:00 PM to bring your score sheets to be scored with payout and "the rest of the story" to follow.

Anglers may go out of any ramp they want too.

Results from Mar 17th:

Even though we had to deal with 30 MPH northeast winds again most were able to get out of it and catch fish. Our anglers still managed to catch 117 fish of which there were a bunch of slots. Senkos, C-Rigs, jigs and drop shots accounted for most of them again.

1st place went to Bob Roberts with a 3 fish at 16.73 pounds anchored by the 7.29 lunker..
2nd place went to Kenny Moser with 5 fish for 14.63 pounds and a 6.21 lunker.
3rd place went to Don Overstreet with 5 fish for 13.42 with a 8.55 lunker.
4th place went to Stan Norton with 5 fish for 12.79 and a 3.98 lunker
5th place went to Jeff Wilkerson with 5 fish for 10.27with a 4.38 lunker.
6th place went to Rick Harvey with five fish for 9.94 with a 2.48 lunker..
7th place went to Steve Eldred with 2 fish that weighed 9.09 with a 4.64 lunker.
And the day's lunker went to Bruce Allen. A 24" 8.73 beauty..

In addition to the winners the following members broke personal club records:

Bill Ailes broke 2016 with a new lunker of 7.03 and a new bag of 8.94
Bruce Allen broke all time club with a new lunker at 8.73 and 2016 bag 8.73
Curt Blount broke 2016 with a new 7.67 bag
Steve Chick broke all time club with a new lunker at 5.69 and a 2016 bag at 8.8
Jim DeVore broke 2016 with a new 7.61 bag
Ron Duke broke all time club with a new bag at 6.09
Steve Eldred broke all time club with a new lunker at 4.69 and bag at 9.09
Larry Johnson broke all time club with a new lunker at 3.64
Mac Mc Daniel broke a 2016 lunker at 6.52
Jimmy Moreau broke all time club with a new lunker at 2.88 and bag at 5.87
Kenny Moser broke all time club with a new lunker at 6.21 and bag at 14.63
Don Overstreet broke all time club with a new lunker at 8.55 and bag at 13.42
Matt Scotch broke all time club with a new lunker at 1.12 and bag at 2.66
John Shinn broke all time club with a new lunker at 3.66 and bag at 6.25
Randy Steele broke all time club with a bag at 8.6
Lewis Sweazy broke all time club with a new lunker at 4.54 and bag at 5.08
Jeff Wilkerson broke all time club with a new lunker at 4.35 and bag at 10.27
Harold Williams broke a 2016 bag at 5.78

We paid 7 places and had 44 anglers fishing. Out of 50 possible that's pretty good.

How is that even possible. Because we measure and release, and record on a laminated sheet.

Water temps ranged from 63 to 66 on a day of cold fronts, storms but very windy day. It is ON. The males were roaming so you know the females are not that far behind.

Boat seating is determined using two lists for the following month. So that every co-angler gets the opportunity to fish with every boater through out the year. We changed the guidelines somewhat at the last meeting to cap the club at 50 members with a waiting list. We also created separate categories for Boaters and co-anglers starting in 2016 each fishing for separate Angler of the year Awards and a place on a Top 6 team. The top three in each will earn those awards.

And as we have reached our goal of 50 anglers we have 4 anglers on the waiting list. Let me know if you want you want join them.

Members must fish with us at least 8 times in a given year to be able to renew to the next year. But if they really expect to fish for angler of the year they will have to do more like 18. Non-boaters have it made. They get taken to good spots, shown working techniques and the right baits. It is a 100% learning experience for $13 a tournament. Which you can then win back.

The LFA fishes every other Thursday daytime at Lake Fork only. Persons interested in joining or fishing as a guest should e-mail me at

Here is your opportunity to fish with friendly knowledgeable Lake Fork anglers for the cost of a $5 annual dues and a $13 entry fee. Slot fish count. No teams.

Sometimes Fork is a big question mark. But even though we don't always slay them a few will find them.
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