Hi Folks-

Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs is trying to raise some funds for this year.
I have some raffle tickets left that are designed for money to raise & plant American Water Willow around the lake & river.

I'll post more tomorrow when I'm at the office, but this is a major need for LL as shoreline vegetation for forage or fry to hide in is extremely lacking on Livingston.

Please step up & PM me regarding this restoration project.
Raffle tickets purchased through PayPal will be mail the next day.

As I said, I'll get more info up tomorrow regarding this raffle & I hope to have at least 100 tickets in your hands within a few days.

Unless we rebuild the shoreline vegetation, eventually the baitfish population will drop, crawfish population will drop, predator fry populations will drop. Let's boost the shoreline vegetation!

Raffle tickets are 5 for $20 or $5 each.

Thanks a bunch

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