It's that time again! Nice warm weather of late has spring fever running at epidemic levels just in time for some wonderful outdoor time with the kiddos..

Not to put a damper on your plans but if those plans include fishing at Lake Somerville or up one of the many creeks that feed the lake you need to see this..

A trip around Lake Somerville to check the status of the creeks after a significant wave of showers covering most of the state.

On March 10, 2016 starting at the dam and moving west up the south side of the lake, over Jerdelle, McCain, Cedar, Nails to the upper west end and the Yegua, back east down the north shore to check on Birch creek.

All the creeks are flowing well with muddy flood water that should bring up another wave of spawning whitebass and maybe some hybrid stripers if we are lucky! It will take a few days for the creeks to be fishable again but we should be in for a "much better than average" whitebass run to start the year off right!
>)));> Wishin' I was Fishin' <;(((<

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