I want to share some photos of the Outboard Covers of America "Splash Cover" I got for my 200 Mercury ProXS a few weeks back. I wanted to have it on the motor for a while before posting a review. I'm not one to show off my material things. But, I had a hard time finding photos of this brand on bass boats so hopefully this will help someone down the road when they are shopping for a motor cover.

These things are expensive, more expensive than some of the more well-known brands like Tuff Skinz. However, I can also tell you that the OCA cover fits tighter, looks better, and is not likely to leave any rub marks like the Tuff Skinz will (my motor already has some rub rash from the previous owner who had a Tuff Skinz on it).

The cover itself is very snug, to the point that it is difficult to install by yourself, and the elastic band at the bottom of the cover hugs the bottom of the motor cowling in a way that it does not ride-up over time. An added benefit to this grip point is that it does not cover up the trim button on the side of the engine. There is a small Velcro strap at the front of the cover that is little more than a comfort thing; It fits so snugly that I don't think it is even necessary.

I paid extra for the Mercury decals because I think the boat looks better with them. That's just me; I paid a lot of money for this boat and I'm not going to put something on it that I don't like looking at. Unfortunately, these decals are not readily available so message me for details if that's something you would want. I am not a representative or affiliated with OCA in any way, but I can get you in touch with someone who is if you want those decals.

In summary, the OCA is a very high quality product. It is expensive, but I do believe it is a better product than its less expensive competition. And, I did get blown into a gnarly tree while landing a fish about a week after I got it that would have certainly chewed up the side of my bare cowling; I just dusted off the wood chips from the cover and it looks like nothing ever happened. Have a look: