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#11460092 - 03/06/16 09:52 PM PA VS Outback
Omnipotent Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 10/06/15
Posts: 12
Loc: TX
Ok guys I'm kinda torn between the two. The cost isn't an issue but I don't know which I should get. I've peddled the two briefly so don't have much time on them but the time I have had they were both really nice. I haven't fished out of either so any pro's and cons would be awesome! I plan on doing a lot more lake and river fishing than offshore. but would like to go offshore a few times a year. Thanks in advanced!


#11460303 - 03/07/16 06:57 AM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
APynckel Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 04/02/13
Posts: 563
Loc: Tx
If you want to go offshore, I would recommend the outback. the PA is a beast and extremely difficult to paddle, which you'll need to do to get through the surf.

If you want to go through rivers, I would also recommend the outback. Same reason as above. Paddling as a backup.

The PA's are heavy, but very stable (don't get me wrong, the outbacks are stable too, just not as much). They're just huge and bulky, and they're designed to rely on the mirage drive, more or less. They're a great lake / bay boat, but if skinny water is going to come into play, that mirage drive is going to need to be pulled, and your arms will need to be utilized.

I've paddled both, and I went with the outback because I wanted to go bust the surf. I have now, and I am very glad I went with the outback.

#11460337 - 03/07/16 07:27 AM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
Brad R Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 03/09/15
Posts: 1839
Loc: Texas
No one can answer for you, just make suggestions.

Here are a few added points to some really good ideas posted already:

1) If you are only going to carry 2 or 3 rods and a few Plano boxes, sort of what I call a finesse kayak fishing rigging, the Outback is likely better. The PAs would be over-kill with their huge carry/storage capacity;
2) You will likely take the Outback out more often owing to its lighter weight, more easily transported in many more ways; then, once you get to the water . . . easier to get down on the water in more ways. You could get an Outback down to a river in more circumstances than a PA 14. With a PA 14, you are almost relegated to pulling it with a trailer;
3) If you like to stand and fish for most of the day, fishing on lakes, the PA 14 would be the most stable;
4) If you are crossing large lakes, long pulls, the PA 14 will be the fastest.

Hey! 30MilesOut on YouTube has owned both, said he gives the nod to Outbacks, now, especially the 2015 and later models of it with its new features. After having owned both, he favors the "easy to use" aspects of an Outback over the "capacity features" of the PAs.

All of them are great kayaks!


#11460400 - 03/07/16 08:04 AM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
YakinJunkie Offline

Registered: 07/23/14
Posts: 81
Loc: Lubbock
Sounds like you should get an Outback if you want to do rivers.

My experience with a PA. I have never paddled or lifted an Outback.
I have a PA 14 and a couple paddle yaks. I have to say the PA is absolutely amazing for long days on big water. I can pack every piece of tackle I own and a full ice chest with no problems. I have had that thing on Lake Alan Henry in 35 mph west Texas winds and my shoes on the back never got wet. I have the PA on a trailer and if there isn't a boat ramp the PA stays at home for the most part. I would also have to say the only time the peddle drive is a huge advantage is in the wind. Otherwise these smaller 12ft paddle yaks are just as good.

However if I had to pick only one kayak I could keep (lord lets hope that never happens) I would have to stick with my 12 ft paddle kayak just because of its versatility and ease of launching. It is just as comfortable for long days too.
Cody Stewart

#11461283 - 03/07/16 01:00 PM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
Carver Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 11/14/07
Posts: 1640
Loc: Garland, Tx
I own both and can't disagree with much of what has been said above.

The PA offers too many advantages to count. ( Stability, area for accessories or even a small companion, stability and structure to motorize if needed )
The PA will eventually be trailer-ed even if you don't at first.

The outback will probably be just slid into a truck bed without even a thought but can be car topped if needed. I haul a PA in the truck bed also, but just not as easily.

Neither one paddles worth a hoot. They are both bath tubs, the PA is just a bigger one. If you are going to have to paddle a lot, the Revo would be my first choice.

The PA14 is by far my favorite boat of all time, but I have said several times on this forum that if I could only have one Hobie for the rest of my fishing days, it would be an Outback. When I fish live weigh-in tournaments, The PA is a must. I use it in creeks, but also prefer the outback in really tight areas.

I have had both in severe weather (above 30 MPH sustained on big water) multiple times and never worried about my safety in either. I would never do it on purpose, but it wasn't really bad in either case. The outback surfs better but I have not been surfing since they added the skeg to the PA.

Either way you are going to get a great boat. You are considering the best two yaks on the market in my opinion.

If you change your mind later, you will find that nothing holds resale value like a Hobie Mirage yak, I have now owned 9 and am still amazed at how quickly they sell when I upgrade my fleet every few years. I have one PA-14, one LE Outback and one tandem Outfitter right now but will be adding two Outbacks for clients when I start guiding again later this year.

Tight lines, Phil

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#11461559 - 03/07/16 02:53 PM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
Naggler Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 08/04/05
Posts: 851
Loc: Spicewood
I have a 2011 outback and friggin love it. I'm 6'4" 240...never even been worried about flipping. The PA has the elevated seat which is better, but you can buy a Jackson Elite seat and slap that puppy on your Outback...problem solved. What I like about Hobie is all the mods and accessory options you can do to get the vessel you want. Get the turbo fins and the Outback, spend the saved money on tricking it out!
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#11461687 - 03/07/16 03:52 PM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
weklfrog Offline

Registered: 04/14/14
Posts: 165
I have a 2013 Outback. I am 62yo old with 72+yo back and shoulders, stand about 6' and 240. I car top the Outback on an Xterra using the Thule Glide and Set saddles. Don't have any problems getting it up or down. The biggest effort is just lifting up the front end and propping it against the back of the Xterra. Then I just lift the back end up till the front starts sitting on the saddles and slide it right up on the roof.

I've been real happy with my Outback but lust some at the new models. I seriously wanted a PA for a while but have decided that the extra effort it would take to handle it is not worth it for me.

I had a used bass boat several years ago. It was a failed experiment that had to be conducted but since I bought my yaks and then sold the boat I haven't looked back. I didn't get out on the boat as often as I would have liked since it took more time and planning to do so. I felt I was constantly having to get things fixed to the point I decided I shouldn't be allowed to own a power boat. If I totaled up all the money I spent minus the money I sold it for, I could have gone out with a guide every time I wanted to go fishing and it would have cost me a lot less, I would have gone out more often and caught a whole lot more fish. But if effectively ended any lusting I had for a shiny power boat.

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#11462315 - 03/07/16 08:15 PM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
Omnipotent Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 10/06/15
Posts: 12
Loc: TX
Thank you all for your replies. It looks like I will more than likely be getting an outback. The PA features are nice but I do think the outback would suit me a bit better. Now I just have to wait till I am back in the states to buy one LOL. Thanks again gang and tight lines!!


#11467977 - 03/10/16 08:22 AM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
FWBanger Offline
Pro Angler

Registered: 07/13/11
Posts: 845
I own an outback and have used a buddy's PA. I prefer my outback and after a while my buddy got smart and sold his PA and bought an outback too.
It's really all dependent on your personal preferences but the outback seems to be an all around better platform to me. No one kayak does everything great but imo the outback is the best solution for all types of kayak fishing.

#11468042 - 03/10/16 08:54 AM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
Bass fro chop Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 06/01/05
Posts: 2602
Loc: Mesquite
Outback. Need to get the seat version though.
I don't always catch fish, but when I do, I prefer Dos Hybrids

#11481451 - 03/16/16 01:32 PM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
TXshadow74 Offline

Registered: 02/27/14
Posts: 42
Loc: Terrell,TX
I have both the Outback and the PA12. I have had my PA for over a year and just got the Outback. Now I have only fished out of the Outback once, mainly because I got it for my GF. I fish mostly lakes, just started fishing bays/marshes and fished in a creek once.

If I had to give up my PA for a Outback I would do it but I would have a fit. I like the Outback because I can pick it up and it turns nicely even in high winds. The PA takes a little forward motion before you can turn it in high winds. Both yaks handle a lot better since I put the sailing rudders on them. Neither of them paddle well except for short distances just to get deep enough for the drives.

I love the space the PA has, the ability to stand and throw a 6'cast net for shad, if my legs get stiff I can stretch out or stand up, I can carry everything I need and extra things we may need that wont fit in her Outback. The PA does take more effort to move but I have a trailer when there is a ramp and wheels when there isn't one. I'm not really into dragging either of them long distances to get to the water so the size of the PA is not a big deal for me.

During the warmer months you can hang your feet over the edge of the outback to be able to stretch but during the winter not so much. I also run a 7" FF on my PA and I could see it getting cramped on the outback. The rod holder layout in the outback is a bit different but not really better or worse. The seat in the PA is still way better than the outback. The thing I don't like about the outback's seat, is if you lean forward too far the legs for the high position fold up automatically. So when you set back you are looking at the sky and its a little bit of a pain to get them back into position. Experience with it would help a lot but not something I even think about in my PA.

Both are great fishing yaks. Good luck and tight lines no matter which one you get.

#11482097 - 03/16/16 06:34 PM Re: PA VS Outback [Re: Omnipotent]
Omnipotent Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 10/06/15
Posts: 12
Loc: TX
maybe I should just buy both LOL. I can just hear my wife yelling at me right now if I did that.

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