In-Fisherman does an annual panfish guide (along with bass, catfish, gear, ice, walleye, etc..) and hit shelves this month, although I have not seen it at my local tackle store yet. I normally wait till I get the digital version anyway. Less to physically store and keep up with. They normally have at least a little something for any panfisherman and for most of us, it will be a cover to cover read. I know they are a Northern Midwest-centric publication and a lot of TX guys look at them side eyed, but I have been able to use a lot of info that I have published over the years and a lot of our smaller lakes and ponds South of the Red River and East of Odessa fish a lot like the natural lakes in the Midwest when it comes to sunfish, just better cheers.

If you come across it, I would highly recommend picking it up. If you have picked it up, please give a review or heads up on articles to look for. Thanks!
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