What a beautiful day! SW winds light until around noon. After lunch the winds picked up to around 15 mph. Water temps varied from 57-60 degrees and good color. Shad were thick around the bridge and bait was easy to net. Fish were very scattered and I could not develop any patterns today. I fished from 2 fow to 28 fow, drifted and anchored from the dam all the way to the north end. I fished all my productive spots and still couldn't put it together. I didn't fish the south west end. I ended up with a couple of 2# channel cats, 1 hybrid, and 2 legal crappie. I believe the fishing is about to bust wide open as soon as these daily weather changes settle. The shad seem to be stacking up shallow again. It's been a strange winter bite on Proctor(for me). Looks like another week of crazy weather changes ahead. Good luck out there and be safe! fish
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