so I just went out fly fishing and caught some sunfish so I can get an early start in the morning. My goal is my first yellow cat or a big blue. I see the report on tpwd says yellows are fair on belton. Anyways? should I be fishing deep? Shallow flats? Only targeting the best structure? By kayak and I know most parks so maybe a message for a specific location, I'm strictly catch and release.

Anyways belton or stillhouse? I enjoy fishing the parts of the lakes with live perch for a chance at a big smallmouth, but I just cant catch a darn catfish bigger than smaller eater channels.

Probably gonna go westcliff park (belton) and fish around the waterfall. But drift the flats with a slip bobber or cast in deep structure and sliding sinker?

or the SanGabriel area of Granger?

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