****Castaway Fishing Rods For Sale****

NEW-Castaway Invicta
  INVGHB73  7'3"  Grass Master Braid  $175.00
  INVFP76  7'6"  Flipping  $175.00

NEW-Castaway Skeleton
  SKX-XDD  7'6"  Extreme Deep Diver  $100.00

USED-Castaway Invicta
  INV-7H  7'  Mag Heavy   $100.00
  INV-7H  7'  Mag Bass Heavy   $75.00
  INV-SBM610  6'10"  Spinner Bait $75.00
  INV-TW66  6'6"  Top Water  $50.00
  INV-TW66  6'6"  Top Water  $100.00

USED-Castaway Skeleton
  SKX-SBM610  6'10"  Spinner Bait         Special  $65.00

Pick-up only.....no shipping!  Call 903-574-1844

No messages please as I barely get on the fishing forum lately.
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