I just bought a Maxxum 80 off a guy here that I am replacing my Edge 70 with. I have replaced the armature assembly 2x on this motor, once due to be hitting the buttion and bouncing it off the front of the boat ( not deployed) other time it "burned up" I was told each time about 130-170 for parts and labor ( GS Trolling Motors) . They told me the 5 speeds that you cant run them on high or 5 for very long as they dont cool well. It works now but there is some strain on it you can tell when you spin by hand. It has an extra wedge 2 prop and about 10 extra pins. I could start by selling the props, they will work on other motors, or someone can make me an offer for whole unit as is. FTF Houston, cant find a box to ship, tried already.
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