fished Lewisville yesterday after deciding not to make the drive out to Monticello with the chance of rain/lightning - I'm relatively new to the forum and after reading up on a few of the recent Grapevine and Lewisville threads settled on Lewisville as the local lake to fish. Sent out a few PM's yesterday morning at about 4:45am to a couple of the guys that were posting on those threads not knowing what to expect and by the time I was on the water I had several responses and tips. I was really impressed with the forum and quality of the responses/people who took the time to help out a guy they didn't know from Adam so thanks for that!

it was cloudy and slow out there but I tried to follow the advice and focused on any brush/cover in 2-6ft of water I could find on the east side of the lake (we put in at the little elm marina) - water temp was around 58 and within the first hour my fishing partner caught a nice little 2.5lber in about 4 ft of water off a brushy point on what I guess you would call a bladed bass jig with a pumpkin skirt and a watermelon creature/craw trailer - he didn't put up much of a fight in the cold water and was sluggish when we pulled him out to weigh/photo - I was tossing a watermelon baby brush hog with a chartreuse tail most of the day and had a couple bites but failed to land anything - we only ended up with the one, it was a slow day and I'm sure we did about a million things wrong as we are just getting into this and have a ton to learn but all in all it was a great day out on the water