We are looking to get rid of a larson 1550 shark tri haul boat. It's either a 17 or 15 ft boat. The boat does have a patched hole in the bottom haul but not sure how well it is. It does have a 60 hp engine but not sure if it works. When the boat's rear went under the battery shorted and fried the line. It is pretty beat up but I thought I would try to see if any TFF people would like. The catch: You would have to come get it. It does have tires but I am not sure how well they are. The boat has not moved in years. You would need straps to make sure it stays on the trailer. My father does have the title and you can have it. I did see that it has a the crank wench with boat bow clip but not sure how good the strength is. The boat is in Azle off Eagle Mountain Lake. You can back a truck down and haul it out.

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