A keel weighted (or belly weight) hook is pretty magical with shad-style, boot tailed plastics. The low center of gravity of the rig imparts a wobble to the bait the lead head jigs just can't match. Owner's CPS spring lock is the right hook: the position of the spring relative to the hook point allows the bait to be rigged absolutely straight with the hook point exposed. The hinged spring lock also allows the nose of the bait to pivot and collapse when struck, further exposing the hook point. The spring lock also hold the bait more securely (read: no sliding down) and, in my experience, has made for more durability in the plastic. If you haven't yet, you ought to try this bass world rig for inshore trout and reds. A #4 is perfect for 5" baits, and do use the Owner CPS: the center point on the spring makes rigging perfect every time.
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