Have you ever been disappointed after a weekend out fishing with buddies? Gone home with little fish, and lots of money spent? Now, it's not always about loading down a fish box, and I’m not talking about showing you areas of our bay system to catch limits. I’m talking about assessing the situation and reading the area you choose to fish. Understanding the do’s and don’ts while on the water, the signs, the things to key in on, how long to fish an area, and when to move. What if I said you could learn all these things in a short amount of time, and by your next outing you could out fish your buddies!

Well, that’s what being a guide is about, that’s the reason I got into this business. Seadrift, TX offers many different areas for all the seasons, from muddy winter back marsh to spring hard sand shorelines to late summertime reefs. Wade fishing from shin deep water to chest deep shell beds, there are many different hiding places for these trout and reds. Let me show you the key ingredients for a successful day of fishing.

There is much more than finding baitfish, or working the windward shoreline. Jump out of the boat with confidence and know that when you do, you will have a successful wade. From feed times to why the bait is jumping or swimming on the bottom, leeward or windward, or even the middle of a lake. What depth of shoreline should you work, and what part of the reef to fish.

Then the most asked about question, do I throw tops or tails, do I use a leader or not? In a couple days of fishing with me, I can show you how we think. That is what a day of fishing is all about understanding WHY. Guiding people is about the “sport” of fishing. Just like any sport we grew up playing, if you didn’t understand and learn how to play it, chances are you probably weren’t very good probably got picked for the B team. I have built, and am still building my business on the goal to make B team fisherman, better themselves and lead the A team.

Check out my website for details about the winter discount. Still have some dates available in March, or contact me about fishing in any other month. Let's go fishing!