I went to Fork yesterday afternoon and found water temps from 56 to 60 degrees. Fishing was slightly better than it has been. And it will continue to get better every day that gets the water a little warmer. But its still a month away from my favorite time. And we don't have to wait to have good fishing. I'm already catching lots of nice fish on Monticello.
I don't normally try to book up February because I know how inconsistent it is, and I don't want to take a chance on having a bad trip. But I have next week available, and based on the forecast and warming trend I'm confident we can do well. In fact, to encourage short-notice trips while the fishing is good, I will make this guarantee (on Monticello):
You book a full day trip at $400. If we don't catch 10 bass (fishing for numbers) or boat at least a 5 pound bass, you pay only $100.
Take advantage of the nice weather and book your trip online at http://www.fishingguidenow.com/bookonline.cfm?guideID=2

If you haven't done so, check out my e-book on sight fishing for bedding bass. I believe it is the only book in existence, written solely for sight fishing for bass. The URL is www.bassfishing.org/spawnbook

If you want to get a good spring date, it isn't too late. But I only have 5 open days between February 28 and May 8. Those dates are March 7, 14, 15, 16, and 17 (for power plant lakes only).

My waiting list is still short. So, if you want a date from late March through early May, I can put you on a waiting list for the first cancellation. I expect to get about 5 cancellations (I do every year).

I try to post a couple of pictures to my Facebook page every trip. So keeping up with that page is a much better report than what I can do in front of my computer at home. If you follow my Facebook page (actually, the Facebook term is "like"), you can get my posts without delay. I often post pictures as soon as we catch them - and almost always post the same day. So if you see several big fish in the same day, you can rest assured the fishing is good then. If you wait until I post a fishing report, you can be sure that it has slowed down enough for me to leave the lake. Go to www.Facebook.com/LakeForkFishingGuide and click the "like" option to get the posts.

Here are a few of the things that I put on the Facebook Page:
1) Pictures of clients holding fish (of course)
2) Pictures of landscapes around the lake.
3) Pictures and videos of wildlife around the lake
4) Fishing Reports
5) Updates about pages on my website
6) Updates when someone catches a giant bass on Fork
7) Basslog information
I plan to query the basslog at least once a month and post my results on Facebook. So, if you want to know the best baits to be using (for example) or you just like to see statistics, then you should "like" the Facebook page so you can get instant updates.
The link to remember for my Facebook page is www.Facebook.com/LakeForkFishingGuide. But now you don't have to remember that because you can just go to any page on www.bassfishing.org and you will find the feed.
Be sure to "like" the page so you can get the information as soon as it gets posted.

If you would like to receive my fishing report notifications by email, go to www.bassfishing.org/dbaccess/fishingreportrequests.cfm
All you need is your name and email address. If you are receiving reports by email and wish to discontinue receiving them, simply go to www.bassfishing.org/reports/unsubscribe.cfm
Good fishing and good luck. You can't catch them if you don't go.