We knew the tides were low when we left the dock this morning, due to the NW wind we have had for the past 4 days. But, as we ran the east shoreline of San Antonio Bay, we realized it was lower than it had been in years. Places that are thigh deep this time of year are now sheet water. We quickly reorganized our game plan. Wanting to target our mud/grass back marsh for big trout and reds, we knew most of it would be inaccessible, so we concentrated on fishing the many drains that cut into Matagorda Island's marsh.

With the sun out and the south shoreline protect from the wind signs of life were easy to see. Not every drain and stretch of shoreline we looked at had bait on it, but when we saw it we would stop and try. A few stops were met with little to no results. Mostly small trout and reds under the bait fish. We tried a couple spots in Mesquite Bay, but the wind had picked up to strong and the bay turned to mud. Doubling back east, we headed to some old honey holes. Stopping at a larger drain, that we have had many good trips at over the years, we devised a plan. Jumping out and walking separate directions.

I was hooking up almost every cast, throwing a pink Corky fat boy, but all the trout were 14-14.5 inches. Looking up, I quickly got motioned over by my buddy who had walked to the shallower end of the drain. He was throwing a Tequila Gold sand eel jr. and had a few solid 17-19 inch trout. As I closed the distance I was also hooking better fish. We were dug in, knowing this was going to be our last wade for the day. As we walked up into shin deep water the redfish were all around us. I had switched to the Mirrolure purple demon, and was very pleased with the results. Although we did catch 3-4 small reds, our 10-12 keeper fish were mid to upper slots.

For the rest of this week our forecast shows a continuing south wind. I know the water will eventually return to normal winter levels. But one thing will remain. As long as we keep up these 60-70 degree days between these small fronts, our fishing will continue to be great. There is still plenty of time to get in on the winter discounts. Visit my website or contact me for more info.

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