Last Friday, North Alabama had a heavy snowstorm. Someone took a picture of a lone boat on Lake Guntersville and asked why someone would fish in such cold, wet weather. Well the local TV station tracked down that person and interviewed him. Turns out, he is the last commercial catfisherman on Guntersville. If he doesn't catch fish, he doesn't get a paycheck. He was out running his trotlines when the snowstorm hit. Alabama has no limit on catfish, but only one may be longer than 30 inches. I've fished below Guntersville Dam and seen two guys bring over 100 catfish down to the river to clean. They were having a church fish fry the next Sunday.

I can't wait until I get my boat out of storage.

Kirk Long (Kikr) March 4, 1959 - June 19, 2009
I guess the Lord needed a fishing buddy more than me.