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#11394973 - 02/05/16 03:54 PM Rank your YAK
txninja Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 02/17/09
Posts: 1436
Loc: the panhandle
I stole this from the the Bass section, thought it would be fun to put it here.

Keep it simple, this is not a PROSTAFF plug! Don't start arguments, just reflect on your current rig..

List make, year & model...

Rank 3

Fishablity- 1-10

Comfort- 1-10

Fits your Needs- 1-10

I'll Start
2015 Diablo Amigo

Fishablity- 8- it's like fishing on an aircraft carrier and easy to add accessories. On the downside, it's a little slow but I good with that

Comfort- 9- I love being able to stand up and the larry chair is comfortable.

Fits your needs- 8- compared to my old yak this thing is light years better. Again being able to stand is big for me, and this yak is great for that. I like i can take all the accessories off and take it duck hunting.

#11394994 - 02/05/16 04:06 PM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
Rhino68W Online   content
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 11/06/14
Posts: 6683
Loc: Fort Worth, TX
I can't honestly comment on my H12 but I will put my feeling towards the FS12T.

Fishability-7 Fairly stable but slow. Slowness leads to tiring from paddling and less castability.

Comfort-6 The seat is pretty low on the kayak which cause some mild discomfort. Very easy to cross legs and get comfy though when drifting.

Fits your needs- 3, I sold it for an H12 so that answers the question.
Kayak Fishing Military Veterans

#11395185 - 02/05/16 05:40 PM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
LSM Offline

Registered: 07/29/15
Posts: 236
2015 Native Slayer Propel 13

Fishablity- 8- I can cover a lot of water with the pedal drive and troll while doing so. The reverse is awesome, especially when I hook up near the bank or in timber. Factory rails on gunwales and rear storage area makes adding accessories a snap. While reaching behind me for rods/gear, the yak is super stable. Only an 8 because the rudder does a sorry job of keeping me straight with the slightest breeze - and I have the upgraded rudder.

Comfort- 8 I have been comfortable in my kayak for several trips over 12 hours. I think the fixed position of the seat is to accommodate the pedal drive, but I do wish that the seat was adjustable to get a little more height while fishing. I rarely stand because the seat is so dang comfortable, but standing is super easy. A really stable yak - I have never even come close to turtling and I have been on some sketchy water.

Fits my needs- 9- I primarily bass fish on lakes, so it fits my needs well. If I decide to fish the marsh or an area that has a lot of grass/vegetation, I can remove the pedal drive and paddle. The Slayer Propel paddles just as good as any wide platform yak on the market. I think it is a very versatile yak.

Edited by LSM (02/05/16 05:41 PM)

#11395492 - 02/05/16 07:58 PM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
Tallgrass05 Online   content
bill maher's protege

Registered: 03/02/05
Posts: 42245
Loc: Kansas
2012 and 2013 Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Tandem.

Fishability--8. It's a SINK so there are fewer options and possible layouts for rigging for fishing compared to a SOT. I usually carry only 2 rods, sometimes 3. Plus 1-2 small tackle trays, anchor, and sonar unit. Tons of room for a lot more gear if desired. The rudder is very nice when I have a good drift going.

Comfort--9. The seats are very, very comfortable, I've spent many hours at a time in them, drifting, paddling, and anchored.

Fits my needs--9. I like to cover ground and explore new waters, and these kayaks are fast but very stable. I don't feel hindered by it not being a SOT when the waves are high. I've had them out in 20 mph winds, and that's pretty much my limit for getting on the water with any craft. I've used them on lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds. Also very good for taking the grandkid out. And they just look so cool on the water, I get a lot of compliments and questions about them. They're sexy, baby.

#11395638 - 02/05/16 09:14 PM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
Brad R Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 03/09/15
Posts: 1839
Loc: Texas
2015 Native Propel 10

Fishability - 10. I just don't think there is a better fishing kayak for lakes, period. It has the same cockpit length as its big brother, the 13, and it is a tiny bit wider, same seat, pedal system. And, it turns in a very tight circle with stock gear. But, my 10 is used on lakes. Though I haven't had it on a river or offshore, I would likely grade it much lower for fishing shallow or fast running rivers or BTB/offshore. But, whew!, on a small or medium sized lake? Awesome.

Comfort - 9. Sitting in a Propel 10 is exactly like sitting in a 13. Same great seat. But, there is always room for a bit more comfort. I'd like a padding option for the seat, something I could grab once I arrive at a location and really make myself comfortable, even sit up another 2 or so inches. Stability is exceptional. Like LSM mentioned for his 13, I have never even remotely felt like I was close to tumping over while seated. Standing is okay in quiet water but a longer vessel has advantages here.

Fits my needs - 8. Well, I prefer lake fishing, so it rates high, but it isn't the best kayak for pushing through heavy vegetation. For now, the lakes I currently fish, it works great. I typically carry 3 rods . . . though I rarely use more than 1 or 2, some underseat storage for tackle and a crate for more tackle and incidentals. It works great. And, a 10 really provides the proper room for actually being able to reach all the way forward to its bow hatch, and all the way back to reach the back of the tank well. Any more length would require a kayaker to move up or down the vessel a bit to access farther points. Finally, 59 lbs. with the Propel drive removed making it one of the easiest of all pedal driven SOTs to get to the lake, on the lake and then off the lake. All that means more fishing time.


#11395854 - 02/06/16 12:13 AM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
randomraiderttu Offline
Green Horn

Registered: 08/07/15
Posts: 7
2015 Jackson Big Rig

Fishability - 8. The only reason I give this an 8 is because there is no pedal drive which limits my range. It's a big setup, so it's not the fastest thing on the water. However, what it lacks in mobility/speed/range, it makes up with space, incredible stability, great storage, and being easy to accessorize. More on that later.

Comfort - 10. I could stand in my old Ascend FS128T, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it for more than about 10 minutes. In this rig, I feel like I could stand as often and as much as I want without ever thinking about balancing or stability. The seat is very comfortable with the lumbar pack and it sits up pretty high. Plenty of leg room and I usually fish with one rod in hand and have 1-2 others sitting right in front of me...not crowded at all.

Fits my needs - 9. I wanted a kayak with more stand-up stability. Ideally I wanted something with a pedal drive, but I honestly think if I went with one of the existing yaks with pedal drive that I would miss some of the positives of my current setup. I like having my often used tackle close to me and safe in case of turtling...and the Big Rig does that with under-seat 3600 box storage and 3600 box storage with straps integrated into the yak on each side of the seat. Not to mention the room under the seat and what I keep in my crate. I don't often feel the need to turn around and dig in my crate for tackle. The rail systems are fantastic. Just the flexibility to easily add accessories and be able to move them on the fly has been great.

The only real con other than range/agility on the water is weight. It's heavy. But I put it in the back of my truck and with a cart, it doesn't bother me to lug it around. Now...would I prefer to haul a Native Propel 10 if I had to truck 300 yards vs this rig? Absolutely...but I'd probably wish I had this rig when I got on the water.

#11395935 - 02/06/16 05:18 AM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
christian myrick Offline
TFF Team Angler

Registered: 08/03/11
Posts: 3167
Loc: little elm
Santa cruz raptor sot.

Fishiblity 9
I can cover as much water as I need without forcing it through the water. Weather its freshwater or offshore. Many times ive had 15+ mile days. The stability is crazy. Even with things like shark and gator gar ive never felt tippy. It cuts through the waves, especially on the rough days.

Comfort 9
At a glance it looks small and right away feels diffrent to paddle. The narrow front allows for the most efficient stroke (high angle). Once you get your gear in the center hatch and realize you can comfortably access the front hatch on the water. Summer time your legs can straddle without feeling like you arent doing the splits. Its also one of the easiest to re-enter if you choose to jump out to cool off.

Suits my needs 10
I am a rep for santa cruz, only because I have put this yak through absolute hell and it has always asked for more. Huge waves, standing and moving fast...what else does so well at that combination of things?

#11397804 - 02/07/16 09:09 AM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
Superslab Offline

Registered: 02/28/15
Posts: 129
Loc: Frisco, TX
This is an interesting post. In the bass boat section everyone seems to think their current boat is really good and the only criticism made is regarding the trailer. That being said, kayaks that are not used for their intended use could score much lower than one that is being used as intended.

I started out with a Perception Pescador 12 and have recently upgraded to a Ride 135 since my needs have evolved. Having just picked up the 135, I'll rate the Pescador.

Fishability - the best aspect of this yak is its light weight, good speed, and maneuverability which earns it an 8. But for actual fishing like landing fish, changing lures, managing rods and equipment I'd give it a 6.5.

Comfort - 7. This yak is narrow and space is limited for tall individuals. I'm 6'2 and just fit. 4 hours in it was about the most I could do since you don't have much room to move.

Suits my needs - 10. I learned to kayak fish in this yak and it exposed me to a great sport. It was the perfect yak for me to learn on and determine what features were important to me.

Overall the Pescador was a great kayak and I was very satisfied with it. Obviously, if I was smaller and only fished occasionally it would of scored higher. Now that I'm hooked, I needed a bigger more capable rig for what I want to do. Hopefully the Ride 135 will meet my future needs and be as good as the Peascador was.

#11397988 - 02/07/16 10:55 AM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
collincountytx Online   content
TFF Guru

Registered: 04/08/08
Posts: 14919
Loc: Dallas, TX
Hobie PA 12 excellent build quality. Very pricey if bought new.

Fishability - 9 - Covers distances quickly, good tracking with rudder. Peddling against the wind into waves is a dream. It's a battleship, so tight space and quick maneuverability aren't the greatest. Catches wind and current more than most kayaks. In heavy vegetation and very shallow water, you have to remove the mirage drive and paddle. You don't want to paddle a PA12 unless forced to do so.

Comfort - 9 - The vantage seat is extremely comfortable. You can fish all day in this kayak without your back hurting. However, I like to sit side saddle when anchored in low wind and the vantage seat keeps you facing forward. Lots of room on the deck; the built in horizontal rod holders are great.

Suits my needs - 8 - This is a great kayak for big water and windy condions, but for small lakes/rivers and fishing heavy vegetation I prefer my old kayak (lighter/easy to transport/no drive system to get clogged in lily pads or reeds)

Lifetime Manta/Sport Fisher/Tamarack 3.0 Purchased mine at less than 10% of the Hobie PA MSRP The build quality isn't as good as Hobie--maybe half the quality of construction.

Fishability - 7 - Good kayak for small lakes (Bachman size) decent for rivers. Its very wide, stable, and slow. Poor tracking. With high angler position, it catches wind like a sail.

Comfort - 6 - The kayak is only 10ft long, so not a bunch of space for gear without adding large hatches and crate. With seat modifications, the kayak is comfortable to paddle and fish from. Can easily sit side saddle. Back starts to hurt after about 5 hours (no spine support or high back seat)

Suits my needs - 7 - For small lakes, low wind, and lower hours fishing days it's great. Light and small/easy to load and transport.

#11400080 - 02/08/16 09:29 AM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
Matty Offline

Registered: 06/17/06
Posts: 173
Loc: Plano
Jackson Coosa HD
Fishability - 9 - The only reason it's not a 10 is due to it not being a peddle drive. Being hands-free would allow me to make more casts. But considering I really want to use it to fish small water rivers, peddle drive really wouldn't be ideal to scrape along rocks. But the accommodations for rods, paddle and general tackle management are top notch. I also like to stand most of the time while fishing and this is a very standable kayak without sacrificing maneuverability.

Comfort - 8 - The seat is like sitting in a camp chair and allows me to sit high so my butt doesn't get wet and my knees/hips don't hurt. The deck is wide and completely open, especially with the console removed. The only thing missing a good cup holder for my morning coffee.

Suits my needs - 9 - This is the category that means the most. Cause no matter what the fishability or comfort ratings, if the kayak does what you need it to do all-around, that's all that really matters. Considering the size (12'), the weight (light enough to put on top of my SUV), deck layout, fishing focused design, and that its a kayak engineered to be cross-functional (rivers and small open water) ... it checks almost every one of my boxes.

WS Ride 115X
Fishability - 7 - I can stand in it which is a plus, but the layout isn't as open as I would like and other than having gear tracks, there isn't much there for managing rods and tackle.

Comfort - 8 - I have the hi/lo seat which is super comfortable. And it paddles better in flat water than my Coosa HD. The only negative is I feel like I'm in a cockpit which is great for sitting and paddling distance but feels a bit cramped when I want to pull up to a fishing spot.

Suits my needs - 7 - I would probably rate this higher if I didn't have my Coosa and if I just wanted to rate it for paddling in general. But because I'm comparing them against each other in my head, I start to see some things lacking from my Ride when I think about fishing which is what I use it for. Positives are that it does travel easier on top of my SUV than the Coosa as it's a little lighter and has a thinner profile. It also has a higher capacity rating if I wanted to do an overnighter down the river.

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#11401454 - 02/08/16 06:21 PM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
doctorliver Offline

Registered: 10/10/10
Posts: 143
Loc: Cypress, Texas
Jackson Coosa

Fishablity- 9
Spacious kayak that is shorter than most others at a little over 10 feet in length. The Kayak has 2 flushed rod holders and you have the ram mount rod holders for a 3rd. The Kayak is great for small lakes, creeks and rivers. Not the fastest kayak out there and the tracking is ok, but it is build like a tank and I've taken some pretty rough waters with this thing and it has done great. I've been fishing this yak for several years now. Plenty of storage space inside and can easily be rigged up for fishing. They Kayak comes with a drag chain option that can be rigged up with a retractable dog leash. I rigged up an anchor on the back, but it would be nice to have a anchor trolley set up, considering the price.

Comfort- 8
I can spend hours on this kayak. The seat is comfortable, but no lumbar support and no cushion. Easily solved with a lumbar pillow and a cushion when you add them. I do like the fact that you can set the seat in low position and in a high position. The high position is much more knee friendly, but the center of gravity shifts and I also think it slows down the paddling. This Kayak allows you to stand and fish, but I only recommend that in the warm summer months...although it is stable, and you can stand, you can lose your balance and fall into some cold water. I speak from experience....

Fits your Needs 10
I've owned three brands of kayaks. Pelican Kayak, Perception Kayak, and this particular kayak. Every one has served my needs, including the Coosa. I've caught fish with all three kayaks, and every kayak has taken me to the fish. All be it, some fasters than others. Its smaller than other kayaks and not as heavy, and I can load and unload from my truck with ease. I see many more trips on the Colorado river, Yegua Creek, Nails Creek and many of the other lakes I've fished around South and Central Texas.

If any of you all have suggestions some good river kayaking or creeks to kayak around South Texas or Central Texas, please share. I'm always open to other adventures and trips for my future.


#11402034 - 02/08/16 10:43 PM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
Lane H. Offline

Registered: 03/10/15
Posts: 116
Loc: Odessa
2015 Old Town Predator 13

Fishability -- a solid 9. Cockpit is well laid out with plenty of storage in easy reach of the seat. You can slide a Plano tackle box underneath and still have a cup holder, little cargo nets for knives and tools, and everything within easy reach. The only downsides are: trying to reach your front hatch while on the water and the deck isn't as slip-proof as you would like when wet (adding some padding definitely helps).

Comfort -- a less-solid 8. The seat, while nice and adjustable, isn't the absolute best in the world, and I would like to have an easier way to adjust angle than pulling on straps. Still, it will keep you dry and comfortable, and feels about like a really well-made camp chair. No lumbar support unless you add it, but plenty of cushion and softness to avoid most pains.

Fits your Needs -- when I fly fish, I followed wise advise to set a wet towel over the console to avoid snags on my stripped line. Still, the cockpit was obviously designed for spin-fishers and not fly-fishers, so there are times when I grumble about how much better a Diablo would be. But this battlecruiser of a kayak has one advantage, which is that it need fear no water: from tiny rivers to wide-open lakes, it can do it all. It tracks straight through most wind, it has decent speed for being so wide, and it's stable enough to stand on and fish from, so long as you don't get too tricky. As far as a "jack of all trades" kayak goes, it can carry me from fly fishing a limestone river to cruising through a windy North Texas lake. Whereas other kayaks might do big water or beyond the breakers or spring creeks better than the Predator 13, the Predator 13 does them all pretty well, so I'd say it fits my needs to a 9.


#11402738 - 02/09/16 10:14 AM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: christian myrick]
JailFisherman Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 07/29/09
Posts: 1769
Loc: Lubbock
Originally Posted By: christian myrick
Santa cruz raptor sot.

Fishiblity 9
I can cover as much water as I need without forcing it through the water. Weather its freshwater or offshore. Many times ive had 15+ mile days. The stability is crazy. Even with things like shark and gator gar ive never felt tippy. It cuts through the waves, especially on the rough days.

Comfort 9
At a glance it looks small and right away feels diffrent to paddle. The narrow front allows for the most efficient stroke (high angle). Once you get your gear in the center hatch and realize you can comfortably access the front hatch on the water. Summer time your legs can straddle without feeling like you arent doing the splits. Its also one of the easiest to re-enter if you choose to jump out to cool off.

Suits my needs 10
I am a rep for santa cruz, only because I have put this yak through absolute hell and it has always asked for more. Huge waves, standing and moving fast...what else does so well at that combination of things?

+1000 I love my raptor and it fits what I use it for. Covering water to get to plans most kayak fisherman don't wanna travel to when there's only one ramp on a lake! And of course catfishing in open water with the wind can be sketchy, but never to bad in a raptor!
Don't Run before you know your walk
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#11402857 - 02/09/16 11:01 AM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
swalker9513 Online   content
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 01/04/02
Posts: 8962
I like my raptor, but I have nothing to compare it to, so rating it would be uninformed. It gets me on the water. I've never felt like I was going to tip. And it doesn't require gas, insurance and a monthly payment.
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#11409081 - 02/11/16 10:31 PM Re: Rank your YAK [Re: txninja]
Canoe-Yak Fisherman Offline

Registered: 08/20/13
Posts: 45
Loc: Texas, Ellis County
2014 Hobie PA 14

Fishability -9: First kayak after canoe fishing for 30 years. Added pedal power Kayak for more exercise. Kayak hands free to fish. As stable as any of my canoes. Takes a bit of getting use to regarding process of making sharpest turns. Great for trolling, fishing on anchor. No shortage of storage at hand & mounting surfaces. I can easily carry 10 rods. Fish small lakes, Brazos on occasion. Would not be best for small rivers, vegetation areas because of mirage drive. Tracking in winds > 12 mph with original rudder takes more work (speed). Have large rudder to install.

Comfort - 10: Not sure I could get more comfortable in small watercraft. 3 way adjustable seat awesome. Can easily stand and fish comfortably. Absolutely a battleship, no issues in whitecaps, no feeling of tipping what-so-ever with seat in high position (I'm 5'10", 220#).

Fits Your Needs - 10: Compliments the aluminum canoe fleet well. Good exercise. Can still load all my fishing goodies and still zip around. Think I can carry more "stuff" than some bass boats! Really just a lot of fun. Use canoe for really skinny or stumpy water.


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