Hello Texas Anglers

Maybe some of you watched in my channel a video that I did like two years ago to show my first set of DUO lures. They were a little more than 30 different lures, and with them I replaced almost all other brand lures that I had in my Tacklebox (Yo-zuris, Rapalas, Bombers, Lazer-eyes, R2Sea, etc.)

Since then and given that I became a DUO Lures fan, my collection and fishing arsenal of DUO lures were increasing little by little. Today I have more than 180 lures. I have spent some money with them, but I am very happy to have those lures in my power. Definitively, given that these Japanese lures are quite exceptional in terms of their manufacturing process, quality, colours, finishing and technical characteristics, they are very effective at the fishing moment.

Now, every time that I plan a fishing trip, it is very difficult to select which lures do I have to take with me…it is fun because I can’t take all… It would be impossible.

Some weeks ago, I did a new video that I want to share with you, to show part of my current collection of DUOs. You will see some of these extraordinary lures and their great colours and characteristics. This time I select some: (1) BeachWalker 120MD, 110, Axcion and Fulcrum. (2) Also some beautiful and effective Tide Minnows like the SURF and Slim&Flyer 140, 175 & 200. (3) The suspending action, the Realis Jerkbait 120SP and Long Lip, which I like to use a lot (4) And finally, the Rough Trail and the Blazin which have gave me extraordinary captures

I hope you like the video and please feel free to give me your comments, and if you have any question please let me know. I have tried almost half of this arsenal, so I can give you my humbly feedback about them.

Here is the link to the video:
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