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#11379786 - 01/29/16 05:41 PM Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip
deewayne2003 Offline

Registered: 07/12/10
Posts: 27
So 3 friends and myself just put our deposits in for a fly in fishing trip on Confusion Lake in Ontario Canada. (Late May-Early June 2016)

From what I understand Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye & Lake Trout(trout may or may not be hitting at that time) are the primary targets; my friends have been on similar trips before but I have not, and I need some advice on.......

Proper rod & reel combos- both bait casting and spinning. (need to go ahead and get these bought so I can practice)

Type and strength of line.

Lures - From what I understand large spoons, spinners & buck tails are your primary lures; but as far as what brands and colors I have no idea what to bring.

Rubber boots - Whats a good brand/style of knee highs

Any other advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

#11380335 - 01/30/16 01:11 AM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
lconn4 Online   content
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 12/02/12
Posts: 9078
Loc: Cherokee County
Clear deep water, medium action spinning rods, 3000 reels with 15 lb test is what I used fishing for pike, muskie, and lake trout many years ago on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, and Lake LaRonge, Saskatchewan. Never did any trolling so couldn't help you there. Your regular bass rods should be fine with 200 size baitcasters. The horse flies can be bad so you might want to take a bug suit.
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#11380475 - 01/30/16 07:43 AM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: lconn4]
BAIT956 Online   content

Registered: 02/27/03
Posts: 446
Loc: Lake Fork Tx.
Confirm all the info from Iconn4. I am not familiar with this particular lake, but assume that you will be fishing over and around rock structure, shoreline and off shore reefs. Unless you are after lake trout which may or may not be really deep depending on the water temp, I would not go crazy buying a lot of big spoons or buck tails. The pike will hit anything you have in your bass box. Spinner baits and chatter bait type lures can be great for pike.
Be sure to bring a good supply of jigs and twister type trailers for the walleye. Plan on losing them frequently to the rock gods.
Check to see if muskie season is even open at that time.
Late May/ early June can have very cold, wet weather. Be prepared for everything. Very good water proof and warm rain gear can be worth it's weight in gold. Since this is a fly in, what ever you don't have with you, you won't be getting.
You will want to check the individual weight limit for the flight too.
I would talk to your friends and get more info on the trip from the outfitter as to what else to bring and what is not allowed.

#11380662 - 01/30/16 10:20 AM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: BAIT956]
UJC Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 01/12/07
Posts: 2163
Loc: Plano, TX
I've been to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, NNW from where your lake is (still Ontario) 5 times. I agree with the other posters. I've never had the black flies issue but I fish in late summer, the opposite of when you are going. I would stressed the 'be prepared' for any kind of weather; it changes quickly and often, not just day to day, but hours.

Here are some things I've picked up over the years.

1. Pack lightly and essentials only. It is all too easy to 'feel' the need for this and that.
2. Rubber boots - I bought cheap rubber boots from Walmart. Make sure they are sized correctly and use with heavy socks to reduce chafe.
3. No more than two rods; have an agreement with your fishing buddies to share if something breaks. Again, travel lightly. The fly-out weight limitations can be costly if overweight. Ok, 3 rods, but make them two piece, especially if you can portage to other lakes (not mentioned in post).
4. If you don't have indoor plumbing, but outhouse accommodations, bring wipes - you will thank me!
5. Your bass/crappie setups should be fine - bring rattle-traps. They are very effective on walleye and pike, silver with blue back being my go to. On sunny days be sure to use more silver and on cloudy days, gold (including rattle traps).
6. Worm harness tackle for Walleye. Goes without saying to bring worms if using. It's not necessary, but it is a good backup plan if fishing gets tough, and regardless of the wow stories heard from up north, fishing can get tough with fronts rolling in often.
7. The lakes I have fished had plenty of bottom rock structure. To save losing rattle traps, I replaced the trebles with double hooks from Barlow's (not affiliated) by removing front/back trebles, adding another split ring to allow the double hook to run true. This allows the lure to glide over obstacles. I do this with spinner baits without the split ring. If you do get snagged, simply back up the boat beyond the snag and this will almost always unsnag the lure. I found my double hook setup to not diminish hook up rate.
8. Check to see if they furnish PFDs. Some outfitters do, some don't. If they don't, ask if they rent them. Rent if possible because that is less stuff to bring.
9. If you drink adult beverages, don't underestimate the amount you will quench your thirst while up there.
10. 10-20 lb. line should be plenty. I would take some fluorocarbon 8lbs for leaders if you find that fishing is finicky. But with those toothy species, good luck with that. Speaking of leaders, definitely get some metal leaders like used for saltwater fishing.
11. Don't underestimate spinner baits or spoons.
12. Understand the responsibilities for each for camp duties: cooking, fish cleaning, washing dishes, etc. Since this is your first time, your buddies probably already have this down. So ask what are expectations. You want this to be an enjoyable time, not some nit-picking disagreement.
13. Ask the outfitter to give you 6 names/contact info from others who have fished this lake. Call them to get fishing info. I have found this to be particularly informative. As a matter of fact, I just received a call this past week from someone who fishes the same lakes as I do as he was traveling in Texas to attend a family funeral. We've never met in person, but have been phone buddies for over 15 years.
14. One of my documented trips can be viewed at Canadian Fly-In.
15. Bring a digital camera. I wouldn't rely on the phone camera only. You cannot take too many pictures.
16. I don't know if there are bears in your area, but I've had two incidences on separate trips, so read up on bears for what and what not to do.

I could go on and on. If you want to talk, just pm me and I will provide my phone number.

Have a safe and great fishing experience.
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#11380791 - 01/30/16 12:19 PM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
Tommar Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 07/29/12
Posts: 2121
Loc: Georgetown or Falcon Lake
Pike will eat anything. I've caught them on anything from 1/4 oz 1 1/2 inch pink Mister Twister jigs to 6 inch cranks and spinners. To prove the theory my buddy was reeling in a walleye when a pike attacked it right at the boat!

Walleyes are typically deeper hanging around the bottom. The old standby of night crawler rigs work but if you want to cast get some sinking crank baits and let it fall before reeling in.

I used 50 pound braid without a leader and never had a problem. Just cut off 10 inches each time you retie a new lure. The lake I was at was more weedy than rocky though. Might not want something so strong you can't break off if necessary.

Vacuum pack precooked food so all you have to do is heat in boiling water. Saves so much time and effort not having to clean pots and pans. That is except for the fresh fish dinners anyway.
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#11380837 - 01/30/16 01:07 PM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
deewayne2003 Offline

Registered: 07/12/10
Posts: 27
Great advice all around guys; thanks for the help

#11389711 - 02/03/16 05:05 PM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
Allen Bass Fisher Online   content
Extreme Angler

Registered: 08/05/04
Posts: 2165
Loc: Allen, TX
I'll add mosquito spray. The higher the DEET percentage the better.

Mepps #5 in-line spinners for Pike. Mepps Muskie Killers for Muskies. I've done well on both Pike and Muskies and large bass spinner baits. Someone already mentioned Rattle Traps. Larger Daredevil spoons for Pike as well. Can't help you with trout.

#11416201 - 02/15/16 06:29 PM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
Phototex Offline
Extreme Angler

Registered: 02/13/14
Posts: 1412
Loc: Coppell, TX
I'm not trying to be a smart a$$, but why don't you just ask your friends?
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#11416763 - 02/15/16 10:31 PM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
deewayne2003 Offline

Registered: 07/12/10
Posts: 27

Because when you ask different people; sometimes you get really good advice from people that have been on multiple trips......or in this particular instance; advice from people that have guided such trips.

#11417962 - 02/16/16 02:06 PM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
BoPro Online   content

Registered: 03/18/06
Posts: 431
Loc: Arlington, TX
I'm actually headed to up there for a fly in trip myself at the end of May. I'm actually going fly fish most of the time with my own flies, but here is the conventional tackle my group is taking: (amounts are give or take).

For Pike and Walleye

Depending when ice off is, Pike should be pretty shallow that week. I'll target weed lines and shallow bays. Walleye will prob be holding at 10-15 ft along the edges or in moving water. We keep it pretty simple, but I'll outfitter gives us free minnows if all else fails... Most of my Pike flies are Red/White, Perch or Fire tiger patterns to give you an idea on conventional lures.

1. 100 jig head in sizes 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 oz.
2. 150 2, 3, and 4 in Berkley power grubs and gulp minnows in fire tiger, white, and chartreuse. (We catch 90% of our walleyes with a 1/8 jig head tipped with 2 in power grub or minnow.)
3. 1 light and 1 med action spinning rod. 6 lb and 10-12 lb test line or you could use equivalent braid.
4. I'll tie my own wire leaders out of Knot to Kinky.


If you plan on targeting Muskie, you may want heavy action rod to do figure 8s near the boat. I would use the same lures for Pike, but bigger versions. Spinnerbaits, jerk baits, big spoons, etc.

Lake Trout

Lake trout may still be in less than 30 ft depending on the water temp. They tend to move deeper as the water approaches 52 degrees. You can probably troll spoons, inline spinners, or jerk baits as you move on point to point. wink

#11421873 - 02/17/16 10:59 PM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
crapicat Online   content
TFF Celebrity

Registered: 01/23/13
Posts: 6296
Loc: Grandview, TX
Hmm, wish I was going with you. But since I'm not, here is some your rods in schedule 40 PVC tube (yes, you can make one real easy) , two piece rods, one light action, and one medium light...get a couple of Ugly Sticks (nothing worse than a broken fancy rod in paradise) and give them and your tackle as tips to the guides...they would rather have tackle than money...Pick up a couple middle of the road shimano spinners, a 1000 and a 2500 series to complement the sticks.

Walleye - use jigs 1/8, 1/4, 1/16 with number 2 bronze sickle hooks work well when coupled with 3inch mr twister grub tails (yellow, white, chart) If you can find some FLO Orange jig heads, you will be happy you did! I use 20 braid tied to the jig for walleye, but you can use Vanish Flouro in 6-8lb test.

For Pike, take some single trokar hooks 4/0 and some split rings...change out the trebles on whatever spoons they have on "the board" at the office or kitchen. 20 lb braid with a black steel leader is necessary, as is a good long pair of needle nose pliars. Check in advance to ensure they carry "board lures" (ie. lures for sale based on what works at the particular lake you will be fishing...if so, don't bother purchasing pike/muskie lures.

Muskie - the fish of 10,000 casts; how long did you say the trip was going to be? Forget muskie gear, just go with the idea that if you catch one, good luck to both of you.

Lake trout- Usually they will have some 5oz jigs on the board and put your grub tails on them. They look funny and work well.

Gear - Muck boots, woody max and wear them on the plane (seriously). Heavy duty rain gear; good heavy weight thermal underwear, goose down vest, flannel lined pants, thick shirts. wool socks with >55% merino wool content. Really good tight fit poly pro cap (that covers your ears) and a poly double lined neck warmer. Good fishing gloves with first two fingers cut out, to the second knuckle; and the thumb cut half way back. If you have lined crocs, they are nice for lounging around time.

Travel light as possible (luggage wise)...I have seen commercially available rods holders destroyed, take reels and extra line in carry on luggage.

Always ask for two beers and two waters for shore lunch, take your own bourbon...

Purchase a Tilley Hat when you get there to wear during your adventure, plus, get everyone a couple momentos and mail them back.

Hope this information helps.

#11422679 - 02/18/16 10:41 AM Re: Advice Needed - Confusion Lake; Ontario fishing trip [Re: deewayne2003]
deewayne2003 Offline

Registered: 07/12/10
Posts: 27
Thanks guys......keep it coming


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