It took me a while to have time to edit the footage from the trip. The fishing action begins at minute 4 if you want to skip the birds and drive out to the beach. Here is the video:
Youtube Galveston Fishing Video

My father came to visit me over Thanksgiving break. He chose to fish with me rather than this year's rotation of Thanksgiving with the in-laws banana

We switched off each day between surf and kayak fishing West Galveston bay (2 days in the surf and 3 days in the yaks). In the surf, we caught 6 bull reds on the 1st day and 4 on the 2nd day. Also, we caught lots of whiting and 3 keeper flounder in the surf on the 2nd day. My father caught his 1st bull red, which was a nice 38 incher.

This was only his 2nd time kayaking and his first time kayaking solo and in the salt. In the kayaks we caught a good amount of redfish, a bunch of undersized trout (only 2 keepers), lots of sheephead, and 6 undersized black drum. About half were caught on popping corks with shrimp and the others on shad bodied gulp on jigheads.

On the 3rd kayak trip, while my back is turned around I heard: ".....I have a problem" in a loud, but calm voice and I see that my father is hanging off his tipped kayak. He had issues getting back on the boat, but I rowed him to Confederate Reef where he was able to change clothes and get back on the kayak. These kind of incidences always add to our adventures together and make for lasting memories and funny stories. This can be seen in minute 10.37 of the video. It was great to be able to go on an extended fishing "adventure" with my father like I used to often do when I lived in Michigan. Also, he had to splurge on the most expensive beach chair at the Galveston Walmart for fishing the surf--17 dollars!

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