I have for same 2 band new niko new scopes for sale they and neve been mounted the one has one been out the the boat ones ad that was so can look at it i was thees scopes and was thinking of putting them on my gun but i decided to sell them and use the money to buy my new a gun that are a nikon prostaff 5 xr 3.5x14x40 it it sells for about 420 new the other is a band new new open buck master II for 160 give or take there is nothing wrong at all with these scopes i just dont need them i want to sue them only to buy a 7mm-08 do to my back it is the largest i can shoot i will break up bu i will let them go for 325 and that is a steal these copes have never been mounted come with box and paper work the prostaff 5 you can have nicke make you custom current that match your rifle load you just have to send them the informatics they are both clear as day and are very very nice scopes if your interest my number is 3543193188 lewis

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