Fished wednesday afternoon. Launched at state park. Caught bucks shallow on brush on chatters, and jigs. Fisb were tight to cover. Bite was slow.

Fished thursday morning with a guide i booked through billy tompkins aka bassin billy. Best experience with a guide ever. I had. To beg him to fish and i had the front of the boat most of the morning. The weather was bad and the bite was slow. We caught a few deep on c-rig and 6XD. fish were deep. We fished state park cove.
Aunched at the county in the p.m. and wasted the entire afternoon. No bites.....fished wrong water.

Fished friday morning deep in state park cove. Bigest was 6 lbs. Caught 12 on the day, mostly bucks.

Big fish are deep on rocks. Lots of bucks shallow.