River A Tackle is very pleased to announce that we are now a dealer for one of Japans premiere rod manufacturers "MajorCraft". For those that are into the JDM scene you know that this company has some of the sweetest lineup of rods built to one of the highest standards in quality and performance. Japanese fishing techniques are years ahead of the American fishing scene and ultimately we adopt these as the latest and greatest once they hit our shores. From drop shot to spy baiting these techniques all started in Japan. These rods stay true to the actions that unfortunately some of their competitors change up once they hit our shores. MajorCraft continues with the JDM tradition of keeping their rods true to their build. One of the main reasons JDM enthusiast prefer to purchase through JDM websites. If you are into finesse fishing and you think you have the perfect rod for finesse, MajorCraft has a lineup of rods that will blow you away. These rods are sought after through JDM websites due to not being able to purchase in the US, until now. MajorCraft has a rod lineup that covers a new techique that is a hit in Japan right now but will be a couple of years before we hear about it. Remember the words "speed style". We will have a few rods from two lineups that epitomize what MajorCraft is about. The Corzza and MS-X series. See you Jan 15-17. Thanks!

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