Thurs eve at 7 pm at Ryans in Tyler on Broadway, new schedual is out, first tourney this weekend. Like to see some new faces, we are a bass affiliated club, we do 11 tournys a year. here is our schedual
jan 9 10 brandy branch
feb 6 7 Martin creek
mar 5 6 sam rayburn
apr 9 10 Athens
may 7 8 red river
june 4 5 fork
july 9 10 Palestine
aug 6 7 sandlin
sept 3 4 t bend
oct 8 9 tyler
nov 5 6 pines
Come on down and meet the guys and join one of the best clubs in east texas, for more info, call Woody at 903 922 9551
at the sound of my name, fish tremble
HI HO SILVER AWAY!!!ranger Z521,250 sho,black and silver
TD: BMET 6263
"I humble myself before God, there the list ends" Sam Houston