Recently my evinrude etec on my 18ft Majek has been acting funning. When running, especially first thing, the RPMs constantly fluctuate like reving up and down. When on plane the motor will suddenly drop like 1,000 RPM to where your whole body moves forward. I will come off the throttle and get back on plane and everything seems fine again for a few minutes until it happens again. This problem happens less frequently once the motor is "hot" and warmed up.

All spark plugs were removed and cleaned but were really not that dirty. All plugs were properly replaced (indexed). The motor recently had a new EMM installed (September 2015). Motor starts first turn everytime and for the most part runs well. However, I am worried that something is wrong and would like to get it fixed. It is not fun running on the flats and suddenly losing power. Can anyone offer and suggestions for this problem?