Lake Fork Guide Justin Margraves 
Lake Fork Report 
January 5, 2016

    Winter has finally started to show up here in Northeast Texas and the big bass won't be far behind! Our water temperatures are dropping, ranging between 49-55 degrees thanks to cold nights and recent rains. Lake Fork is at full pool and is in great shape to produce more giant bass. If you are a largemouth trophy hunter now is the time to hunt!
    All of the rain we have received has given fish many more places to hide. Right now you can catch fish from 1 ft to 30 ft of water. Bait fish is key this time of year, if I am not seeing big balls of shad on my electronics close to deep structure or visually seeing shad while fishing shallow I will not fish there. In the morning I am targeting deeper fish in 20-30ft of water. Focusing on main lake points, humps, pond dams, road beds, and secondary points with deep channel swings close by. Santone football jigs, Alabama rigs, Carolina rigs, and spoons have been producing bites deep. 
    There has also been a good shallow bite as well in the afternoons. Shallow I am focusing on flooded vegetation, small bushes, stumps, and lay downs. Shallow i am using Santone swim jigs and spinnerbaits in a shad pattern. Lipless crankbaits, chatterbaits, and flipping a black and blue Santone jig around timber also works well producing bites shallow.

     If you're interested or wanting to come fish Lake Fork this year, I would love to earn your business. You can call or email me to book a trip or for any questions you might have.  

  Tight lines!
Justin Margraves