I this is some time a way. but I help put with the head water for hearos foundations. we take disabled vet out hunting and fishing for free they pay nothing neither do the guys helping out with guided or boat captains the past few years it had been Held at lake LBJ but they have not really been catching a lot of few on the boat hunting trips and a few on the bass fishing so i suggesesd to steve the guy who runs the foundation about going to Lake Limestone. if it happens we are going to need some boat captain your food and lodging is paid for the cabins are bare min cabins so you will have to bring your one linens and blankets and bathroom stuff for shotes and bursting out treat and shaving. I was wondering if there were any guys on here that would like to help out wit taking guys cat fishing either for channels or blues it sp to you this event take place mind October we could use sever guys who would like to help out taking these vets out fishing some are bring there family as it is a family event the have activist for the kids and stuff to keep the busy if they dont want to go fishing for channels cat guys I will have plenty of bait and milo on hand if you would be untested in doing this i know it is a way off i am just seeing who might want help they guys out an have a fun free weekend getting away from you wife you can bring your kids if you like i am sure they would like to hear the war stories and it is all paid for so if your nitrated let me know the lake limestone is not set in stone they could change there minded and decide to keep it at LBG if there is a local bass club you know of I would love get get a box for them as well for those who dont want to catch catfish i am sure after the first day or first half day they guys will changer there mined when they see the coolers full of channels send me a text or pm i am to on here much as i have been hunting most list winter with an 3 eight points and a doe and my son got a doe if we dont get anything tomorrow i gues we are done since i dont have any were to hunt for the extend season I dont own any land and i dont know who to ask to hunt on there land if any one does know a person i could ask about hunting i wold me most great full also i really would hope a few of you guys decide to help a lot of theses guys done get a chance to get on the water unless this event is going on you can go there ether web site www.headwaterforhearos.com the guy who runs it is steve weeny thanks and hope to see you there