I have a bunch of ball head jigs that I am in the process of liquidating. I have some with hvy wire mustad hooks and some with light wire mustad hooks. Price on them painted, clear coated and with weed guards in them is 1.25 each plus shipping. Will put a list up of what I have and if you are interested in any of them. Please comment here first and then send me a PM.


Hvy Hooks - 3/16 oz - 18 Black, 17 Green Pumpkin, 5/16 oz, 3 Black, 3 Green Pumpkin, 7/16 oz, 7 Black, 5 Green Pumpkin

Light Wire Hooks - 3/16 oz - 22 Black, 22 Green Pumpkin, 7/16 oz - 3 Green Pumpkin

Joey Watts
Flatlands Custom Tackle
5413 Marshall County Line Road
Byhalia, MIssissippi 38611