The weather continues to bring well above normal temps to Illinois and I am still fishing out of my boat.

I thought I would share another video of my adventures. Weather was mid to upper 40's, partly cloudy and windy.
Water temp was 42 degrees which had dropped by 3 degrees from the week before. Fished a 1/8 oz texas rigged
Zoom lizard, watermelon chartreuse, and colored the tail with a Spike It Marker also in chartreuse.
Rod/reel combo consisted of a Shimano Sedona a spinning reel on a 6' 6" medium action Berkley Lightning rod spool with 10 lb Orignal Stren.

Fished the steeper banks where the trees and brush has washed in over the years. Water depth any where
from 3 to 15 feet of water.

Overall 17 fish in the boat, 4 ripped lizards, a couple lost fish and 1 broken rod tip. Also some sort
a flying object I saw while editing the video.

Happy Holidays!!